LOT – Produktdaten

Pure Production Inc. offers all customers 100% transparency on all products.

Our value and tracking chain is unique and allows you to recall the respective certificate of analysis of your product.

Just enter the LOT number which you can find on the backside of your product below, and you can retrieve the relevant certificate of analysis displaying the concentrations in your Pure product.

 The issue from May, 23rd 2018 of the consumer magazine “Kassensturz” reported a high number of wrongly declared concentrations. What accurate concentrations are concerned, ever since the beginning, Pure Production had put emphasis on accurate reporting of the concentrations in its products and implemented a tracking system including batch specific LOT-numbers.


Pure Production Inc. bietet den Kunden im Hinblick auf alle Produkte 100-prozentige Transparenz. Unsere einzigartige Wertschöpfungs- und Rückverfolgbarkeitskette ermöglicht den Abruf des jeweiligen Analysezertifikats für Ihr Produkt. Einfach die LOT-Nummer auf der Verpackung eingeben.

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